Good Friday Service 4-19-19

Choir and Congregational Singing of "He Lives!"

The Choir opened the evening service singing, "He Lives."  The Congregation join in the praise and worship!

"Because He Lives" Choir and Congregation Singing

The choir sang "Because He Lives."  Lyja Aaron led the choir and sang a solo.  Janet and Gary Derden also sang solos.  Gary Derden accompanied on the piano.

"In The Garden" Trio

Janet Derden, June Davis and Diana Sasser sang this beautiful song, with Gary Derden's heavenly piano music in the background!

"Gone" Sung by The Mixed Quartet

Gary and Janet Derden, with Clint and Kristy Maxwell, sang "Gone, the Tomb is Empty!"  Hallelujah!

"In Christ Alone"

"In Christ Alone, our hope is found!" sang the choir, as the led the worship at the Good Friday service!


The choir sang this song of praise to the Resurrected Christ.  Listen as they sing "Alleluia" for our great salvation.

"Jesus Paid It All"

The choir and congregation sang this gospel hymn before observing the Lord's Supper.  This hymn is the gospel in a nutshell.  Yes, Jesus paid it ALL!  We praise Him as we celebrate His death and glorious resurrection, to give us eternal life!