Happy Memorial Day 2020 Praising Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Fifth-Sunday Singspiration

Enjoy the musical memories from a Fifth-Sunday Sing.  It is always a time of much singing and praising the Lord, in the chapel on our church property.  

"Wonderful, Merciful Savior"

Millie Reid did a beautiful job singing this song.  Sorry we only got the last verse, due to technical difficulties.  

"In Times Like These"

Mary Hudnall led the congregation in singing this song, on her guitar.

"Rock of Ages"

Mary Hudnall led the congregation in singing this hymn, on her flute.  Gary Derden added a duet accompaniment.

"10,000 Years"

Brother Dennis sang this song, accompanied by Gary Derden.

"New Name Written Down"

Pastor Castro led the congregation in singing "New Name Written Down in Glory! on his guitar.

"I'll Fly Away"

Lee Evans led the congregation ons song on his harmonica, with Gary Derden accompanying on the piano.  Lee encouraged everyone to clap and really have a good time!

"Joy Comes in the Morning"

The Ladies ensemble sang this beautiful, hopeful song.

"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

Summer Bingham sang this hymn, with Mary Hudnall, on the pump organ.

"In Christ Alone" by Choir

Choir was led by Dennis Slayton.

"Agnus Dei" by Choir

The choir sang this beautiful praise song.  The soloist was Millie Reid.